Zita Berger 

Are you afraid your swimming skills are holding you back from the transformative effect swimming can have on your life?  That was mr eight years ago.  My technique needed an update and the result is nothing short of joy and a renewed passion for swimming.  

I will invest in your success from day one.

I am certified with the Aquatic Exercise Association, American Heart Association and Red Cross.

The pool saved me in so many ways and learning how to enjoy swimming through proper technique is a passion I want to pass unto you.


"I have taken a couple of beginner classes with Zita and have always felt so encouraged during every class. As someone who started classes with a pretty significant fear of swimming, it was great to have an instructor as knowledgeable, empathetic, and motivating as Zita"- Karla Tobar 

First Instructor

Second Instructor 

​​Donald Lopez

         Donald started teaching swimming in 2008 at the YMCA where he became a popular instructor. He later moved over to Los Angeles Valley College and quickly became well known for his one on one lessons. In an effort to enhance LAVC's adult swimming program, Donald conducted extensive research on swimming and aqua fitness techniques  and created seven unique and motivating adult group classes. The popularity of these classes has substantially increased the number of clients for LAVC's Community Services Aquatic Program. In addition to conducting group classes at LAVC, Donald  also  teaches  privately at Toluca Lake Tennis Club.